"Fernando Pessoa's portrait, 1985" - Júlio Pomar, Puzzle 1.000 Pcs

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Colection Obras de Arte Portuguesas / 48x68 cm / Obra: "Retrato de Fernando Pessoa 1985", Autor: Júlio Pomar > 1926 / Colection Casa Fernando Pessoa / (Deposited in Museu de Lisboa - CML) / © Júlio Pomar / Fundação Júlio Pomar

Júlio Pomar was born in Lisbon in 1926 and lived in Paris for several decades, from 1963 on. The first years of his career were influenced by the affirmation of the neo-realistic movement and the civic and cultural resistance against the Estado Novo regime. Always maintaining his interest for the figurative expression, his painting developped through the constant search of original languages that knew sucessives ruptures and different directions of formal exploration associated with several themes cycles, of which we can highlight, amongst others, the Bull fighting, the erotic collations, the tigers series ou the Amazonia Indians. In the most recent decades he assumed a particular interst in the treatment of literature and mythological themes, influenced by a great ficcional freedom and irreverence, together with a renewed interest in portrait, namely of poets. Sucessive retrospectives and anthological shows had place since 1978, specially in Fundação Calouste Goulbenkian, in the Centro Cultural de Belem and the Museu de Serralves, but also in several cities of Brazil, Brussels, Istambul and others. In 2013 the town of Lisbon inaugurated a Museum dedicated to his work.

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