Do you have a good idea for a game?

MEBO Games is always willing to listen to new ideas for games to be published. Below some information you should know in order to submit your idea to us.

What we look for:

1 - We're looking for games with original themes or at least not very frequent themes. If it is about Portugal, so much the better.

2 - The game mechanics should be original or with new approaches and containing the so called "surprise elements".

3 - We're mainly interested in family games, which can be played by all ages. But we do not put aside other kind of games (children games, heavy games), as long as it's a good idea :)

4 - What we do NOT look for: games kind of "Trivial Pursuit", "Monopoly", Chess, Checkers or similar.

What you should send us to our mail info @ mebo . pt
Send us ONE page (and only one page, it can be a PDF document or other text editor), where you should include (try to keep it objective and short):

  • The theme of the game.
  • Age target, nº of players and game duration
  • A general description of the game and it's main mechanic(s). Be as factual as possible. Avoid using quality adjectives as "fantastic", "unique", "fun"
  • In case you have made a prototype (good start!), send us one or two photos of the prototype that could help to visualize and better understand your idea.

We will always give you our feedback. If we are interested in your idea, we will ask you to send your prototype. In the same time we will send you a signed document stating some basic principles about the author rights (that's you!), and that you should read carefully and also sign.

Remember: when sending the prototype, put it in a strong box, with rules written in a very clear way and including all pieces. And do not forget your contact, mail and phone. And also, if you want the prototype back, we will ask you to pay for the necessary posting costs.

MEBO Games is a small company, so the process of evaluating a prototype can take quite a long time, specially if we enter a prototype test phase.

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